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April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day!  Let’s see…   Its been over a month since my last post, and to catch you up, I’m still building the greenhouse!  It is basically done.  I even have crops growing in it– tomatoes transplanted in a few days ago, some gai-lan, potatoes, and peas.  But there are still lots of little, fussy things to do like installing the overhead supports for the tomatoes, and the irrigation, but it is doing its job, which is to provide a warm, sheltered spot for early and tender crops.

If you have been waiting to order seeds from our online catalogue, thank you for your patience!  Now please wait some more.  And if you just can’t, call or email and we will set you up.  Most of the online buying of seed is done for the year so we are looking at being ready for the fall, when our 2017 seed harvest is coming in.

If you are interested in what we do on a more daily basis, check us out on Instagram.  There’s

March 12, 2017

In a way I’m glad that winter has been lingering because there is so much to do that already I’m already playing catch-up.  This is normal for July, when the farming season is full on, but not for March; at least, not for me.

This winter I have built two outbuildings.  One, an add-on stall for our new horse boarder, Donny, and an attached hay barn.  And the other is a shed to store my tractor and some tools, with a covered area to make top quality compost.  That filled most of my farm time.  I’m still trying to finish pruning my fruit trees, grapes, and berry bushes, and top dressing them with compost for the coming growing year.

All of my starts are coming along nicely.  There are trays of onions, leeks, and all kinds of leafy greens started.  They are up and… waiting.   Waiting for the weather to warm a bit more before they take off.  Even in the greenhouse they are barely putting on growth.  My tomatoes are up under lights inside, and they are happy.

I have several overwintered vegetables (beets, turnips, parsnips, onions, etc.) that are hankering to get back in the ground so they can get on with making seed, but the ground still needs to dry up a bit and warm some too.  With the weird winter we’ve had, I want to wait a bit more in case we get more extreme cold or snow.

Next week I’ll be erecting a brand new 20×100 foot greenhouse!  I’m very excited about this, and can’t wait to be growing all kinds of cool veg inside.